There’s not many pictures to share because right around 3 the Great Hurricane of Counterpoint 2012 hit and I decided to leave all technology in the wagon. I was only able to afford the one day ticket, so these were shot on Friday the 28th, beginning with Counterpoint taking a page out of Michael Crichton’s book (you know, the one with the Dinosaurs).
Counterpoint doing it’s Jurassic Park thing.

Heroes x Villains killing it at 2 in the afternoon. Crazy.

There was live art and I so wanted to get a picture of Greg Mike’s piece, but due to the weather that wasn’t happening. I’ll tell you this much, it had a large squirrel with dear antlers being ridden by the Greg Mike’s trademarked blue martian. So, instead I will leave you with this video of Greg Mike painting a mural in Little Five Points, GA.