Extra! Extra! Read all about it, “Josh is Better!”

I got a letter in the mail the other day from my dear aunt Lolly and my jaw literally dropped when I opened it up. As my fingers traced the borders of the cardboard paper I realized that every piece of the card, even the cardboard template, was arranged, cut, and pasted by hand. To get a hand-written letter is a thoughtful gesture, but to get an entire postcard production worthy of praise by Hallmark, the greeting card gods themselves – or at least the poor shlub whose played by Joseph Gorden Levitt in (500) Days of Summer – is some next level “get well” snail mail creativity. Elegant. Monochromatic. Timeless.

Feast your eyes…

The Hallmark Highlights

  • Handwritten everything.
  • Scrapbook stylin’.
  • Pizza and baseball gummy stickers
  • Priceless advice: fatten up.
  • Stamp of approval. Permission to be awesome, Aunt Lolly.
  • -“Josh is Better” headline on the paper in the paperboy’s hands. Excellent.

Aunt Lolly’s excellent card is only the last in the list of amazing things I’ve had the privilege to do with her. I mean, we saw the orchestra at NYU play a mean Raphsody in Blue by Gershwin. The pianist went ham. Ha ha. Anyway, I will finalize this post with the classically trained pianist Alfredo Rodriguez’s “Crossing the Border,” an amazing artist that will be performing at for the Premiere Series in the Bailey Performance Center at Kennesaw State University, in honor of Laurel and her amazing talents on the keys. Listen until at least the 3 minute mark. Trust me, it’s worth it.

If you want to know more about Rodriguez, stay tuned to this page to hear more.