I only need 3 presets in my car’s radio. With arguably one of the best college radio stations in the country, Atlanta some amazing tunage broadcasting 24 hours a day. WRAS 88.5 or Album 88, Georgia State’s radio station broadcasts at 100,000 watts, the same as any professional radio station in Atlanta. WREK, or 91.1, Tech’s station. And WABE 90.1, Atlanta’s home for NPR.

I love these three radio stations because when I turn on the radio I don’t expect to hear the same thing I’ve heard for the last 6 months. In fact, you’re not guaranteed anything with these stations. Often college radio DJ’s make mistakes, stutter, ramble, pause or just play awful music, but therein lies the point. Nothing is for certain. In fact, if you haven’t memorized what shows come on when, you can expect anything from Celtic Irish dance music, 80’s Soviet Union techo, movie and game soundtracks, sports broadcasts, interviews, live performances, silence, or even as I encountered tonight, Atlanta’s police scanner set to ambient noise.

That’s right. I listened to the po-po respond to emergency phone calls over the ethereal synths of ambient soundscapes for 15 minutes straight. It was bliss.

If your interested in hearing this, just go to youarelistening.to and you can hear police scanners from all sorts of cities across the U.S. and even Canada.

If this hasn’t convinced you to stay locked into college radio (and don’t forget about NPR; The MOTH story hour, This American Life, All things Considered. Ughh, man I can geek out on public access for hours) then check out this 8 minute short brought to you by the good people at WRAS.

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